My Experience

I have been tutoring for 7 years, representing myself privately and through organisations. I have tutored many students from 11+ level to A level in Maths, Chemistry, and Biology; I have experience in tutoring students of different levels and ages, with different goals and time frames in which to achieve these. I have also helped medical school applicants who are in the process of writing their personal statements; I am able to advise on what experience is vital for a good application, and how to comprehensively prepare for interviews.


My Qualifications

Biomedical Sciences BSc 2.1

A level: Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Psychology (A)

AS level: Business Studies, History, Photography (A)

IGCSE: Maths (A)

GCSE: Maths, English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, History, Art, I.T., R.E., Citizenship (A*-A)


My Approach To Private Tuition

In my experience, individualising my approach to students is key to obtaining good outcomes. As a tutor, I see my role as a facilitator to learning. This means that my responsibilities vary according to the needs of the student; for some students, I am someone who explains tricky concepts to support their understanding of a topic, and for others I provide tuition that supplements their progress through school to further challenge them. This approach also applies to how I provide tuition; I will explain using techniques suited to the learning style of a student. Importantly, I will not provide all the information in one go! The process of learning is best supported by challenging a student to come up with the answer on their own, using the knowledge they already have. This makes the process as non-didactic as possible, which is very important for maintaining engagement. I take this approach as it means each lesson can be approached according to what will engage my student and support their learning best.

I also only tutor subjects that I have a real passion for. For example, I truly enjoy the fact that an atom’s electron structure dictates its chemical properties! I therefore feel much more able to find novel ways of explaining this concept to students, and this enthusiasm supplements my abilities as a tutor.


Interesting Fact

I am a published author, having been co-author on the academic paper “KCNJ10 Mutations Display Differential Sensitivity to Heteromerisation With KCNJ16” (Parrock et al., 2013).


Previous testimonial(s)

"Sophie is first class, my daughter just after two sessions became more confident in her abilities, this is all down to Sophie's approach to teaching. Sophie is very competent and comes prepared for the session, always asks my daughter if there are any problems that week from her school maths that she requires assistance with. We have every faith that with Sophie's knowledge, and her tutoring ability my daughter will conquer her fear of maths! We recommend Sophie as your first choice for tutoring."


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