My Experience

I have had four years’ experience working in a Sunday School, where I taught children between the ages of five and seven years. At first, it was a challenging task to be the sole teacher to roughly twenty students in each class, however during this time I began to develop my skills in communication. These skills helped in relaying clear lesson objectives to the class, and required thought on how to effectively engage with all members of the class. Throughout my time at the school, I created new ways to incentivize the children to complete tasks in class and any additional homework on time, through giving stickers to those completing each task, housepoints to those who had put in a lot of effort, and electing a student of the week to one who had made the most effort.

I have also spent time as a tutor as a student at secondary school, teaching students in the younger years in the subjects of Maths and French. Meeting with these students each week gave them additional support to complete their homework, and to supplement their teaching given in class. I found older students required a different approach, and different methods to ensure they fully understood a lesson. For example, one of the students had a lack of confidence which was contributing to her falling behind in class. In order to increase her willingness to learn, first I increased her confidence in the knowledge she already had, and then built once this once she knew her ability.


My Qualifications

Qualifications: A Levels: A*A*A* in Biology, Chemistry Maths

       AS-Level: A in French

       GCSEs: 7 A*s and 3As - A*s in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Spanish, History

                                              As in English Literature, English Language and Information Technology


My Approach To Private Tuition

During my various tutoring positions, I have learnt that the ability to develop a good relationship with a student is key to increasing their confidence in a subject. Therefore, my approach is to first increase awareness of their current ability in a subject, and signpost when they have developed a new skill.

Each student requires a different approach; no one student is the same. Another aspect of my approach to tutoring is the ability to adapt and change a lesson depending on the needs of a student. Although good preparation is required for each session, I find it is often necessary to change a lesson objective depending on the topics which the student requires most help in. The individuality of a student is important to appreciate, I find it helpful to investigate which methods of learning are the most effective, and use methods suited to teach new concepts.

My priority during tutoring is to ensure a student leaves feeling confident in what they have learnt during the session, and is able to come to the next session full of enthusiasm and ready to learn.


Interesting Fact

I studied Arabic for three years!

Sophia Hashim Biology Maths French Tutor - Huntley Tutors - A Level, GCSE, 11+ and Medical Entry

Sophia Hashim