My Experience

I have a lot of experience in teaching, ranging from Key Stage 3 to A2 level. I have tutored biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics to 11-18 year olds. Being a first-year medic at UCL, I also ran courses to help prospective medical students, preparing them for the UKCAT, BMAT, personal statement writing and interviews. In addition, as the President of the Medicine Society at school, I gave tailored guidance to many younger pupils on the journey to medical school.

My Qualifications

A Level: A* Maths, A* General Studies, A Biology, A Chemistry and A Physics.

Extended Project Qualification: A* in a project looking at schizophrenia.

GCSE: 10 A*s and 1 A.

My Approach To Private Tuition

It is my firm belief that the key to effective tutoring is to develop the pupil’s self-confidence. I engage pupils in a conversational approach to teaching, hearing their ideas and ensuring that they are not afraid to ask questions. Tutoring should not be a spoon-feeding exercise, but an open platform for discussion. This develops essential critical thinking abilities that are valued so much by universities.

I love to see pupils grow more passionate about their subject matter as lessons progress, which I feel is a result of having a strong grasp of the content. Lack of interest is usually due to a lack of confidence in a subject. I like to make lessons interactive, using diagrams and revision maps to communicate complex concepts. The most rewarding aspect of teaching for me is when pupils have a ‘light-bulb’ moment when a topic they have been struggling with for a while finally makes sense. I feel proud when such pupils deepen their understanding and I encourage them to read widely around the subject to consolidate their class work.

Interesting Fact

I am obsessed with music - I love to play the piano, guitar, and sing, as well as write my own songs, read about music and listen to music. I recently started my own music blog too, to document my passion.


My Blog Post(s)

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