My Experience

Previously teaching students for high school national and international competitions such as International "Tuymaada" Olympiad in Yakutsk. On the other hand, I also have tutor experience with students preparing for national examinations at an average level.

My Qualifications

I am currently in my second year as a mathematics undergraduate at UCL, with an overall mark of 93 out of 100 (First-Class) in my first year at UCL.

I recently won first prize at the International Mathematics Competition for University Students (IMC 2015)

My Approach To Private Tuition

Having a wide experience with tutoring, ranging from preparation for school exams to international Olympiads, it is easy for me to adapt to each student’s personality and way of thinking. I always try to find a way of explaining mathematics that is interesting and appealing to a particular individual. Mathematics might look difficult and intangible at moments and students often have an irrational fear of this subject. This is why I try to teach my students in a friendly and sympathetic manner, making them feel comfortable. Patience represents a valuable trait for a tutor: if a student doesn’t clearly understand a problem or a concept, I show it from a different perspective.

As complex problems can always be reduced to simpler steps, I put a lot of emphasis on explaining the basic concepts and make sure they are thoroughly understood. Developing a logical way of thinking is very important in mathematics. This is why I don’t just show facts and formulae to my students, but challenge them to question themselves and understand the ideas behind the problems using basic logic and intuition. The most exciting part in tutoring is to watch my students following my hints and coming up with the solution by themselves. In that moment, their happiness is just as satisfying as solving a long puzzle. It is their victory supported by my contribution.

Interesting Fact

Back in the high school days, I used to think with my teacher about hard mathematics problems given at the International Mathematics Olympiad. One day, I recall working together at a complicated geometry problem. After about one hour of thinking, we found 2 results each, which put together gave the solution. The individual parts were not that hard to obtain but the way they mixed together was amazing. Then I said to my teacher that ‘Every difficult problem looks to be made out of many easier and smaller problems’. One year later, a friend of mine took an Olympiad problem class with my professor, saying he heard the professor quoting me to his students. That moment, I realised the importance of collaboration between student and tutor, because even the latter can still learn from the youngest.

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