My Experience


I tutor a variety of subjects from English literature and Theory of Knowledge (IB TOK), to Biology and Visual Arts. I have particular experience in tutoring English and Biology to students of the International Baccalaureate and, having gone through the IB process myself, know exactly what teachers and markers alike are looking for.


Over the past three years, I have developed a consistent history of formal and informal tutoring both inside and outside of the schooling environment; I have guided a year 10 student through his first year GCSE studies in English literature, meeting weekly to discuss literary analysis and essay writing, I have participated as a tutor in a private ‘student2student’ reading scheme for six months, and I have helped initiate a student-led tutoring programme which created a platform for year 13 students to tutor year 12 students twice weekly. From these experiences, I have acquired a range of useful teaching techniques and gained insight into how different people learn.


My Qualifications



10 A*s (English Literature, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Spanish, Music, Fine Art, Graphics)


International Baccalaureate:

43 Points (HL: English (7), Visual Arts (7), Biology (7); SL Spanish (7), Maths (6), Business and Management (6); TOK (A); EE (A)


ABRSM, Grade 8 Piano


My Approach To Private Tuition


I believe that we learn best from someone that we like. We all have our favourite teachers and, accordingly, our favourite subjects. To that end, I think establishing an enjoyable and comfortable setting for each tutoring session is key to engaging with the topic at hand, forming a good bond between tutor and tutee. After this, tailoring the lesson to each student is important – I like to keep flexible.

If you know what style of tutoring you require then I am more than willing to modify lessons to fit this need, but by coming from experience of tutoring both boys and girls of all ages, I have a range of skills to easily adapt existing (and create new) methods of teaching to suit you. After all, my role as a tutor is to provide you with one-to-one teaching time that you can’t necessarily access at school.

Finally, with a wide subject knowledge of three very diverse subjects I find it easy to alter my perspective to solve a particularly grueling problem. Imparting this skill – through a sustained focus on arguments, counterarguments and evaluations of the problem’s implications – is ultimately what I will endeavor to do so that you gain a holistic perspective of whatever theme is being discussed.


Interesting Fact

I once hitchhiked across North America, east to west, with a yellow bag, a camera, and my best friend. Nothing extraordinary happened, but I’d jump into the back of a pickup truck in a heartbeat to do it again.


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