My Experience

  • Previously tutored A-level physics student for a year.
  • During my time at sixth form I was part of a scheme helping Year 7 students with their reading.
  • Throughout sixth form I have worked in classrooms with students struggling with GCSE science.
  • At Sixth form was the head of Debating Society for a year, so I coached students on debating techniques.


While at Huntley Tutors, Lydia has also tutored A2 Chemistry. Her student was successful in her exams and went on to study at University College London Medical School.


My Qualifications

University: Distinction in Medical sciences

A levels: Arabic A*, Biology A*, Chemistry A, Physics A

AS levels: English Literature A

GCSEs: Arabic A*, English Language A*, English Literature A*, Physics A*, Chemistry A*, Biology A*, Mathematics A*, History A*, Geography A*, French A*

My Approach To Private Tuition

I feel that the best way to teach involves a personalised approach to the subject. Many students will find certain areas in a subject more difficult to grasp than other areas. I have always tried to reassure my students by firstly focusing on the areas they were more confident in and then move into areas where they struggled. From my previous, experience tutoring A- level science students, I have found that this approach reassures the student of their capability and that is incredibly important when focussing on more difficult aspects of their curriculum

Certainly each student has a preferable approach to learning (e.g. visually), so building a rapport with a student from the first lesson to understand how he or she best learns has always been my first approach.

Finally, planning a tutoring session has always been incredibly important to my style of teaching because it ensures that there is structure to the student’s learning. When previously tutoring I always ensured I spent the last 10 minutes doing questions, or letting the student ask questions and give feedback on the area we covered. I also tend to leave my students with a relevant question from the topics we covered for the following session; I have found that this reinforces the student’s learning and also indicates whether or not the student has fully grasped a concept.

As I am currently a university student, and was in compulsory education not so long ago, I am perfectly aware of the struggles most students will find with their learning. This puts me in a situation where not only I know how to tailor my teaching to the student, but also in a position where I can offer reassurance to students (and that in many cases I find is a major contributing factor, allowing the student needs to preform to the best of their abilities).

Interesting Fact

I was brought up in Cairo until I was 10 years old, and then moved to the UK.


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