My Experience

Tutor in Mathematics up to A level, and Chemistry, Biology, Latin to GCSE 

GCSE Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Latin tutoring (2012-13) all to an A*/A standard

Chemistry tutoring outreach programme (13+); 6 months practical teaching

Tutor in Medical School Interviewing (2015)

11+ tutor in Verbal Reasoning and Maths - helping 2 students gain entry to St Paul's Junior School


My Qualifications

10A*s/1A at GCSE

4A*s at A level in Maths, Latin, Biology, Chemistry

Completed 2 years of Medicine at UCL, intercalating in Global Health next year 

Teaching qualification in Sexual Education 


My Approach To Private Tuition

I like to make my tutoring sessions as interactive as possible, and prefer to teach by talking through problems in a clear and non-patronising way, as opposed to just giving questions and marking them! I also like to encourage pneumonics and visual learning techniques when possible. In many subjects it is also key to practice a lot of past questions, and analyse mark schemes in order to maximise marks. 

I always make sure the student knows they can ask me absolutely anything when stuck on something, and will always strive to give them the right answer, in an easy-to-understand way. 


Interesting Fact

Represented England School Boys at football! (Gone slightly downhill since then though...)


Henry Aughterson Biology Chemistry Latin Maths Tutor - Huntley Tutors - A Level, GCSE, 11+ and Medical Entry

Henry Aughterson