My Experience

  • Tutoring IB Biology and Chemistry since 2013:
    • Classes (4-13 students per class).
    • Individual tuition.
    • Skype tuition.
    • Organised and performed a pyrotechnics and chemistry demonstration.
    • Students predominantly between 16 and 19.
    • I have also taught in two courses with 14-18 year olds
      • This was a course designed to inspire them to study sciences in Higher Education.
    • Provided Extended Essay, ToK essay and internal assessment tuition to over 15 students.
  • Tutoring with a different agency (Cambridge and now London branches) since 2014.
    • Individual tuition.
    • IB Chemistry HL, advice on applications to Medical School.
  • Fencing, Shooting and Karate coaching over the last eight years.
  • Informal tutoring throughout school and in second and third years at Cambridge University.


My Qualifications

  • (i)GCSE: 10A*s, B (Additional Maths)
    • Chemistry (iGCSE) (UCIE)
    • Biology, Mathematics, Physics (iGCSE) (edexcel)
    • English & English Literature (AQA)
    • French, Latin, History, D & T: Systems and Control Technology (OCR)
    • Additional Mathematics (OCR) (B)
  • IB Diploma:
    Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy HL – 7,7,6
    Maths, Latin, English SL – 7,7,6
    Extended essay and ToK – B,B (2)
    Total: 42 points
  • 2.1 in Medical & Veterinary Sciences Tripos Cambridge 2015. BA in Pathological sciences (Immunology, Microbiology & Parasitology).


My Approach To Private Tuition

Perhaps my most identifying feature is that I don’t hand the students the answers; I’ll nudge them to finding the right answer themselves. This is how my favourite and best teachers taught me, I believe that it produces a much abler student than one who learns by wrote. In addition, it prepares the students for further study and harder questions if they are used to working through a problem and finding the answer. Thus I often spend a considerable amount of time on the basic principles so they can adapt what they know and understand to answer questions.

Through extensive sport coaching experience and my tutoring experience I have learnt how to identify and target the weaknesses of my students. Everyone has weaknesses in their knowledge and everyone will have different learning styles, I change my explanations and teaching style for different students and different weaknesses.

Being thorough is a must for tutoring, I always ensure I have covered every point in the syllabus that the student and I feel they need to. In addition, I usually try to go slightly beyond the syllabus; either to bring a topic to life, or to test their understanding. If a student can do a question beyond what they’ll be asked, they’ll find the exam much easier and less stressful. This includes extensive practice on simulated and real past paper questions.

I also believe that a good tutor/teacher will inspire their students and will enthuse them with enthusiasm. If students don’t engage with the subject they will struggle with it, while if they find it interesting they will both work harder and achieve more. Thus I always try to find what interests my students have and keep linking to topics to their interests to show them it is relevant. I also ensure I am always enthusiastic about the topic matter; I only tutor subjects I am personally passionate about.

Interesting Fact

Despite my looks and Thai surname I am one eighth Chinese!




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