My Experience

Privately tutored in Dulwich throughout 6th Form at all levels up to GCSE. Have had a few students whilst I’ve been at university, and have worked as a peripatetic music teacher on an on-off basis. For the past two summers I’ve worked at a summer camp in America, looking after and teaching campers aged 7-17, which has given me a wealth of experience in interacting with and teaching children, whilst still keeping them engaged and interested.


My Qualifications

  • BSc
  • LGSM
  • DipABRSM


My Approach To Private Tuition

My personal approach to tutoring is very student dependent! I’m very fortunate to have had a lot of experience over my life in being taught by different teachers with different styles, so I know how different styles can suit different students. I’ve had great lessons with teachers that have a very gentle approach when going over something difficult, to those who take a step back and let students reach their own conclusions, and I think that both are valid with different students, and the trick that I’ve found out over the years is to find out early on what works best for each student!


I began tutoring when I was in the 6th Form and found it an incredibly rewarding experience, both seeing the improvements that my students made, and also the benefit it had on my own learning style! It’s a very special thing to be able to take the journey with a student where they start with finding a subject particularly hard, to seeing it ‘click’ with them, and the enjoyment of learning and doing well that comes with that.


I’ve worked out on a summer camp in America for the past two summers, teaching sports, drama, music and art to campers from all over the world and it has been an incredible experience, from which I’ve gained a lot of skills that I like to bring to my tutoring. Working and living with campers for 13 weeks really confirmed to me that getting to know your students opens up a whole world of new techniques that they find help them learn - even if it’s just realising who the students are that need lots of mini-breaks in their lessons!


So that’s a little bit about my approach - I’m looking forward to meeting you soon, and learning together!

Interesting Fact

There’s a YouTube video of me with over 50,000 views.

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