My Experience

I have tutored mathematics in sixth form to A Level students and those from years 7-11 on continuous basis. During this time, I also supervised reading sessions for high school students on selected mornings. As well as this, I have also taken part in private tuition during my gap year, where I offered one-to- one tuition for a few students undertaking AS Mathematics.

As well as being a tutor, I have taken part in many initiatives; which has equipped me with necessary skills required for undertaking such a task. I am now a part of the Target Medicine initiative, as a mentor to year 12 students. I also volunteered as part of a residential placement under the Revitalise programme, where I was tasked with providing assistance and support to the disabled visitors and carer’s.


My Qualifications

Currently studying Medicine at UCL.

A Levels: A* Mathematics, A* Biology, A Chemistry

AS Levels: A History, A Further Mathematics

GCSEs: 10 A*-B grades; including A* Mathematics, A English Lit, A English

Lang, A’s Core and Additional Science


My Approach To Private Tuition

I believe with tutoring; it is not a case of one approach fits all. Each lesson should be tailored towards the student’s needs, their level and stage of education – I will adapt each session accordingly. 

With that being said, there are still key principles that underpin a good approach to tutoring. Learning is an active process and should be treated as such. Understanding what is required of the student, based on the topics within the core curriculum is important, and covering all areas is essential. As with all subjects, some parts are more difficult than others, this is no problem at all – to help with this, I will take it upon myself to plan all sessions, prioritise suitably and to track the progress of the individual to make sure they are confident with all areas.

Learning the content is one step. Supplementing the learning with exam practice is crucial. This allows the student to further consolidate their knowledge and maximise the effectiveness of what has been taught. Having a clear idea of how you are expected to answer questions in the context of the exam is a huge step in ensuring optimal performance when it truly matters.

In summary, it essential to prepare for the session, create the right environment to be able to establish the problems and prepare a study plan for the student, to keep them engaged and on track.

Studying can be quite daunting at times, but with the right plan and preparation, we can all ace exams. Be sure to put your mind to it, but remember that you are not alone!


Interesting Fact

I enjoy partaking in many activities, previously, I’ve ran a marathon and climbed up Mt. Snowden for charity.


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