My Experience

Aug 2015 – Sep 2015: British Council, English Teacher, India.

  • Worked as an English teacher in Northern India. I enjoy the challenge of planning structured classes for a variety of age ranges. Delivering them requires me to be flexible in approach and able to accommodate the varying rates of progress of each student.
  • Having the freedom to lead my own lessons has allowed me to be as creative as possible to engage students in learning English in an interactive manner.


Sep 2014 – June 2015: UCL History Department Transition Mentor.

  • Mentoring first year History students to assist their transition into University life. I acted as an informal advisor on academic, social and personal issues via structured meetings I prepared each week.


Jan 2013 – June 2015: UCL History Department Student Ambassador.

  • Led and tutored a group of A Level Students on the UCL History Department summer school to widen access to higher education. I encouraged students to pursue historical discussion beyond school level.
  • Enhanced my communication skills by giving campus tours and making speeches to prospective students.


Sep 2012 – June 2013: UCL Outreach Mentor. History tutor at Mulberry School for Girls, Tower Hamlets.

  • Communication and organisational skills were vital to plan lessons, and then deliver them around my own studies.
  • I tutored 3 A-level students on a weekly basis, focusing on exercises to broaden their historical analysis and encourage arguments with more depth and clarity to increase their success in A-levels and beyond.


June – Sep 2011 (Full Time): English Teaching Assistant/Rugby Coach. St John’s School, Concepcion, Chile.

  • Communication in Spanish and the ability to work in a team were essential to delivering effective lessons and practices to children aged 7-18 in small group formats but also one on one.
  • I planned and led language development sessions for A-level students who were looking for extra tuition to improve their clarity of expression in written and oral English, in order to apply to University.


June 2008: Teaching Assistant, St Paul’s Church of England Primary School.

  • Collaborated with other teachers and led small group reading sessions.


My Qualifications

2011-2015 University College London, BA History with a Year Abroad, Upper Second Class Honours.

2013-2014 University of Michigan, Year Abroad, GPA: 3.9/4.00 (First Class Honours).

2010: Teaching English as a Foreign Language Qualification.

2010: The Grammar School at Leeds:

A2 Grades: History A*, Politics A*, Spanish A.

AS Grades: History A, Politics A, Spanish A, Economics A.

2008: The Grammar School at Leeds:

GCSE’s: English Language A*, Spanish A*, French A*, History A*, Maths A*, Religious Studies A*, Double Science Award A*A, Design Technology A, English Literature B.


My Approach To Private Tuition

I am passionate about education and find tutoring especially rewarding. I have extensive experience including mentoring children in small groups, working in tandem with Chilean teachers to deliver bilingual lessons, tutoring A-level students and undergraduates at History and teaching English in an Indian school. These have given me a deep insight into how to tutor successfully.

Whilst tutoring I seek a holistic approach and tailor the session to the interests of each student, which helps engage them in the class. For example when creating mind maps of Indian national identity, I knew some students were particularly passionate cricketers, so was able to ask them to produce some content exploring the role of sport at local, state and national level in India.

I always seek to encourage conversation and ask my students to constantly demand clarity and question everything they encounter. Hence when tutoring 3 A-level students in History I spent the first session exploring their level of historical understanding before introducing them to content which sought to broaden their analysis beyond their prescribed curriculum. I used brief energiser sessions at the start of each class to review the previous content and re-engage them with the topic at hand, before progressing onto a higher level. This gradually built their confidence to engage in debate and more sophisticated analysis.

My experiences in teaching ranging from primary, to secondary and tertiary education and also my work in Chile and India, leave me well placed to add value to a student’s education, especially as students are encouraged to think in a more lateral and transnational manner.

Interesting Fact

I once played tenor saxophone on a jazz album released in America.


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