My Experience

Two years tutoring with PeerWise Tutoring in Newcastle upon Tyne – various ages (5-16) and subjects, once/twice weekly

One year tutoring in Sacred Heart High School Newcastle Upon Tyne – one on one personal tutoring with a student for Foundation Mathematics. The aim was to help the student achieve a C in GCSE Foundation Maths which they did achieve in their summer exams, weekly tutoring


My Qualifications

GCSE – IT, Music, French, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English Language, English Literature, Food Technology, Religious Studies, History

AS - French, Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Biology

A2 - Maths, Chemistry, Biology

Music grades - Piano: Grade 8; Clarinet: Grade 5; Singing: Grade 8; Bassoon: Grade 5; Musical Theory: Grade 6

UCL Medical School: Year 1 - Pass

Year 2 - Pass


My Approach To Private Tuition

I believe that it is important to have an individual approach when tutoring a student. In my two years of working with PeerWise I had to adapt my teaching style each week to accommodate the particular student I was paired with, this taught me several strategies in how to help the student concentrate and specific difficulties they may have. I like to approach issues by looking at the problem in several different ways, for example in Maths, using different methods to find the solution so as to find the most appropriate way for the student. I am a firm believer in individualised learning, every student is different and should be treated as such in how they learn and how they retain information. I have often found that students are opposed to the idea of learning and are unable to begin with problems due to lack of confidence. This has taught me the importance of building a supportive relationship with the student so that they feel more able to combat problems on their own when in exams. 


Interesting Fact

I have played the bassoon for the past few years when my teacher believed I would not improve further in the clarinet but wanted to keep teaching me! I also do a lot of drama and music in my spare time.

Aisling O'Sullivan Biology Chemistry Mathematics Tutor - Huntley Tutors - A Level, GCSE, 11+ and Medical Entry

Aisling O'Sullivan