Pardis Huntley Tutors Co-Founder & Chief of Client Relations London Private Tuition London Tutors. Hampstead tutor. Archway tutor. University entry. GCSE A Level tutor.



Seun Huntley Tutors Co-Founder & Chief of Finance Private London Tuition London Tutors.Hampstead tutor. Archway tutor. University entry. GCSE A Level tutor.



Why do we exist?


Huntley Tutors was originally set up by Seun and Pardis to encourage the brightest student minds of London to share their knowledge with the next generations coming through the ranks. We believe that student tutors are massively overlooked in a tutoring industry where they offer not only a thorough knowledge of modern exam boards but also vital knowhow of how to gain admission into the top London universities.

We feel that the public are being failed by a private tutoring industry that largely charges extortionate prices for tutors that are out of touch with students and the current education system.

Huntley Tutors exists to set the new standard for ethical and excellent private tutoring tailored to the student’s needs.


What do we do?


Huntley Tutors offers the finest private tuition for 11+, GCSE and A Level students in London. We operate primarily in the areas of Hampstead, Archway, Kensington, Chelsea, Wimbledon and Richmond upon Thames, though we can accommodate to students living further out. We provide the highest standard of private tutoring in order to ensure our client’s academic goals are met and surpassed. We understand the importance in not only helping students achieve their desired grade, but also sparking a curiosity in the subject that will guide their learning for years to come. To do this, we carefully select tutors that not only show exceptional knowledge in their subject area, but also a passion that takes them beyond the teaching syllabus.


Why choose us?


Our team of dedicated student tutors work diligently with our clients and their families to ensure that they are receiving the best level of education outside of the classroom as possible. The student-centred approach of Huntley Tutors identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the student and allows for a closely tailored plan that makes the most of the time spent during tutoring hours.

The whole team takes pride in making the process of booking a Huntley Tutor more straightforward and hassle-free than any other private tutoring agency in Central London. We are contactable 24/7 to allow for private tutoring to fit within your lifestyle rather than the other way around.

After consulting us, we will only offer private tuition to you if we truly believe we can offer your child the best possible tutoring experience. If we are lacking in the area we believe you/your child requires help in, we will help you find another tutoring agency that can better serve your needs. We exist to serve the student's best interests.


Why choose a student tutor?


One of the founding principles of Huntley Tutors is that the finest tutors are those who both know the education system thoroughly and can relate to the student – and thus the student’s needs – best.

Both of these prerequisites are best met by student tutors who thoroughly know the inner workings of the current education system and can understand the problems that students face in grasping key concepts and overcoming difficult subjects.

How do we select our tutors?


All of our tutors are sourced directly from University College London, where they have already undergone rigorous selection procedures to be accepted into the Russell Group University. UCL has consistently been ranked within the top 5 universities in the world according to QS World University Rankings, and this shows in the students who must attain nothing below As at A level to achieve admission into the highly competitive university.

Each prospective student tutor then has their application carefully reviewed to ensure that they have the qualifications and level of tutoring experience required to progress to the first interview. During the first interview the prospective tutor's application is explored in more detail and they are assessed on their communication and general manner. If successful, they move on to the second and final interview where they are asked to demonstrate their method of tutoring in a role-play type scenario. When we are confident beyond any doubt that they are exceptional tutors, we accept them as a Huntley Tutor.