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Huntley Tutors' mission is to set a new standard of excellence within private tutoring. We work closely with families to achieve academic success via a student centred approach. Our tutors are exclusively student tutors sourced from University College London, and represent some of the country’s brightest minds. All of our tutors boast several years of tutoring experience and combine this experience with their first hand knowledge of the current education system to ensure our clients are fully equipped to tackle any challenges in their education.


We maintain the highest standards of professional private tutoring. Every Huntley Tutor joins us with years of tutoring experience, and a proven track record.


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At Huntley Tutors we understand that sometimes the knowledge is simply not enough. Our tutors are all experts at exam technique and the methods behind achieving top marks at GCSE and A level.



We at Huntley Tutors pride ourselves on our clear and hassle-free booking process. If something is unclear we are contactable 24/7 for your convenience.


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Kyle"Huntley Tutors helped me at a time when I was not confident for preparing for my medical school interviews alone. My tutor was well organised, had a structured plan of how to spend our time, and executed this plan very well. After observing my weaknesses we ironed these out so that I was able to come across well not only in my interviews but also in general conversation. I’m very grateful for the help and I’m glad I did reach out for help." - Kyle Treherne

Nev"During my second year at college I was struggling with maths and received private tuition from Huntley Tutors. My tutor was very knowledgeable in the module I was having most trouble in and was great at breaking down the content so as to make it understandable for me. We went over many practice questions until we were both confident that I had mastered the module and this reflected in my overall subject grade!" - Nevena Krstic

Erfan"I received private tuition when I was having trouble with A2 Chemistry. I was finding it difficult to remember many of the mechanisms covered in the course in enough detail to be able to reproduce them in an exam. During my tutoring we went over these mechanisms and other areas I was failing at so that my final grade at the end of the year was considerably higher than my predicted grade." - Erfan Masiha